The Intellectual Life of the Bahá’í Community

Our contributions to the advancement of knowledge and civilization itself.



1: Introduction

What will be the contribution of the Bahá’í community's intellectual life?

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2: A Fundamental Question

The question under consideration can only recieve reasonable answers when examined in the light of Bahá’u’lláh's stupendous vision and the degree of transformation the world must undergo.

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3: Social Action

An initial challenge is for a number of friends to be engaged at the level of visible problems.

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10: Conclusion

"What I hope I have achieved is to show how challenging the road is ahead of us."

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In this talk at the 2016 ABS conference, Farzam Arbab explores the intellectual life of the Bahá’í community. The question of what will be its contribution to humanity and the advancement of civilization is raised. Three challenges in this regard are described. Then later three requirements for the development of the type of intelectuality we are seeking are offered.

Talk given by

Farzam ArbabAssociation for Bahá’í Studies